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Welcome to Beau Colibri Boutique!

Welcome y'all! We are Stacey and Aubrey Beck.  We created Beau Colibri Boutique to share our love of hair bows, door hangers, and more!  But it started as Baby Cakes Kingdom in 2012, with just myself, Stacey. 

I started creating hair bows as a hobby, after having two children.  I was a stay at home mom and wanting to make Aubrey hair bows, instead of paying retail prices.  After, posting images of the bows, I created for Aubrey, I had lots of interest in my hair bows.  So I started selling them.  I also ventured into the diaper cake and gift basket realm for baby showers. I had so much fun with it all! But then, we moved to the Lafayette area and business changed quite a bit.  I also got overwhelmed with my kiddos getting older and being involved with so much. So I took a break.  

Returning to my boutique business, I decided I wanted to involve Aubrey more.  She is interested in helping me create more, including learning how I make hair bows.  Aubrey has also shown major interest in drawing, painting, and more.  Of course, she models the hair bows and things for me, but she is so fascinated with how I create. So I knew I had to make a change and I decided to change the business name to make it more about our family.

Anyone who knew my grandparents, knows of their love for birds.  Even my mother has a huge love for birds of al kinds.  I was raised to love them as well.  We always had a lot bird figurines and bird books in our home growing up.  But the most important birds were Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Hummingbirds.  My mom has an incredible love for Hummingbirds.  She loves putting out the feeders and watching them fed, while she sits quietly, drinking her coffee.  My mom adores hummingbirds, so I knew I needed to include hummingbird in the name somehow. But how?  I knew I did not want to just use the word hummingbird, but possibly in French?  After all, my mom's mom was French and we live in Louisiana.  So I did some research and figured out what hummingbird was in French, Colibri.  So Beau Colibri was born. 

Now it was time to create the logo.  I contacted a Facebook friend of mine, that had created logos for me in the past.  I told them what I wanted and she created the logo, that is just so perfect.  Fleur de lis representing the French aspect, the Tiger Lilies representing me (my favorite flowers), and the hummingbird representing my mom.   

Moving onto launching the business and further our growth, as a mother/daughter duo.  In 2020, we did a soft launch of creating themed hair bow releases to match my Matilda Jane business.  We also started creating hand-painted door hangers.  But in 2021, we want to grow more.  We want to do more releases and create more artistic things.  So with our family, friends, fan base, and more we hope to continue to grow! 

Please let us know what you love, what you would love to see, and how we can accommodate you?  We are creatives at heart and want to create for you! 

XoXo, Stacey & Aubrey